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Fitness, diet and culture as we close in on the year! By Ilanit

If cauliflower can become pizza, then you my friend, can do anything!

Freedom from diets & its culture is what everyone is talking about.  Addressing the most asked questions- how to improve nutrition & fitness habits to enjoy a healthier YOU?!

Changing your habits for better health is a powerful journey.  Since the power is yours to identify your needs, your hunger cues, when you can push yourself further in a workout and do much more to free yourself from the diet industry & enjoy your life without feeling restricted & so how do we build positive habits ?

In this series, you’ll get tools & strategies you need to transform your habits to optimize your health by building new habits.
One of the best ways to build new habits is to identify the current habits we do each day & stack the new small behavior on top of regular habits.
Habit stacking works best when the cue is specific, small & immediately actionable.

1️⃣Time based cues

Common morning habits are just an example since waking up in the morning usually triggers a cascade of habits, such as going to the bathroom, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making a cup of coffee etc. If we pay close attention, we notice that we repeat certain tasks mindlessly & at different points during the day.

Time-based cues can also be used to stick with the routine over & over again. Therefore, in order to implement a new habit, you easily put it before or after each other habit ( habit-stacking ) & repeat it again & again.

It is great when our habits serve us, therefore, when a habit is formed, the brain actually stops participating in a decision process & instead it turns it over to our subconscious automatically & there you have it-
What time-based cues are adding into your routine ?!


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