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Iced Coffee and Sunshine 16oz Glass Can Cup Wrap

Iced Coffee and Sunshine 16oz Glass Can Cup Wrap

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This 16oz glass cup wrap features an iced coffee and sunshine design, perfect for bringing a touch of summer vibes indoors.  An ideal gift for anyone who loves iced coffee and sunshine.

    • UV-DTF permanent, waterproof adhesive 16oz glass can / cup wrap (Does not include glass cup – wrapper only)
    • Do not use in the dishwasher or microwave (hand wash only).

 UV-DTF Cup Wrap Transfers- Application Instructions

  • Size of wrap is 9.45*4.33", that is the average size for 16oz cans, however, some glass cans from other brands may have slightly different measurements, therefore, please make sure to measure and adjust / cut wrap accordingly
    • Clean / wipe the glass to free from any dust or hand oils (I do not use alcohol to wipe, just a cloth)
    • Before peeling the design from the backing, squeegee the design – front and back repeatedly (you want a seamless peel) 
    • Peel the design from the white backing. When you begin to peel, the design should be face down and peel the white backing from the transfer.
    • Place the transfer on the glass; ensure to do this slowly and with extra care. Once it is on the glass, it is almost impossible to remove.
    • Slowly work your way around the glass till your transfer applies in its entirety.
    • Once your transfer is on the glass, squeegee, repeatedly, all over (this is especially important). Make sure you are eliminating any air bubbles with the squeegee. You can also rub over the entire design to ensure it has been pressed down evenly.
    • Begin to peel the transfer off your cup; it is important to do this very slowly as you want to make sure the design transfers on the glass –
    • Finish peeling the clear film and there you have a beautiful glass can.


  • There are no returns or exchanges for the UV-DTF Cup transfer (wraps).  We are not responsible for any transfers that have been applied incorrectly. Please follow application instructions and take proper care as indicated once the design is on the glass.